About us

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About us

The idea to combine original and sophisticated art design into the Yoga Feel Energy collection was progressively created in visions and images. The transfer of this intent into a realistic form of a comprehensive collection of yoga mats for everyone who is connected by the charm of yoga, inner peace, recreation, relaxation and love for creation and movement, happened in 2016.

The Yoga Feel Energy project has brought to our region the first eco-yoga mats with sophisticated features and unique design. Yoga is a powerful tool to cultivate both body and spirit.  The yoga mat is becoming part of the connection between its user and Mother Earth, which gives us life-giving power.
Practising yoga on a yoga mat with intentionally placed, artistically outlined, harmonious and energetic patterns promotes the feelings of health and beauty, care, aesthetics, mystery, and energy harmony in the body.

At the beginning of our creative project, the idea was to offer yoga mats for everyone and, alongside, to bring and use the power of artistic designs through them. At the same time, we wanted to offer yoga studios the possibility to create their own collections and to offer lecturers the possibility to obtain sample yoga mats.

At the very beginning, three types of yoga mats were created:


Mandala means circle or even magic circle.
It is a symbol of unity, balance, and energy.
The circle is one of the most universal and sacred symbols.
Planets, just like many microscopic structures in the human body, have the shape of a circle.
If this symbol materializes around the body, internal energy can be increased.
Mandalas placed on yoga mats use the subtle energies of intentionally chosen colours, symmetry and asymmetries.

Patterns full of colours and lines processed by computer graphics are a category for unrestrained individuals, supporting the use of energy in the body.

The Universe

… to be part of an endless space, to travel in the Mysterium of being here and now…
These feelings are offered by yoga mats with the design of the Universe.
The nebula and its colours give a sense of energy of birth, new beginnings and intentions.
The tranquil deep and mysterious infinity of space awakens a sense of sacred peace,
flow and connection with Mother and Father.

Gradually, we have included in our portfolio other types of yoga mats and accessories that help filling the offer for everyone and for every occasion. Under the Yoga Feel Energy brand, we are gradually introducing and offering yoga mats that fit our collection concept.


These yoga mats cause a harmonic and energetic charge, and bring a feeling of relaxation and self-knowledge while doing yoga. These yoga mats have their own graphic value, however they are not based on artistic design, but are a selection of beautiful and freely available designs by some graphic designers who do not tie their designs to any single project and release their creations for a wide range of collections and brands all over the world.

Round mat

The circle detaches us from the outside world and protects us, concentrating at its centre the magical power and strength that are connected with our concentration, and creates the protection against aggression and the attack of negative forces above the circle.  With these exceptional yoga mats we present the power of the original mandalas art design and we bring them to you in travel versions, i.e. with light weight rubber foundation and a comfortable diameter of 140 cm.


Last but not least, we also progressively produce products as yoga mats accessories, especially carrying bags, although each Yoga Feel Energy yoga mat is equipped with a practical carrying strap.


The person endowed with the vision of this project in heart and mind was

Ing. Eva Mašínová

„I put together all the lifelong knowledge and the experience piece by piece into a single image – this project.“

“I studied textile engineering and so I was able to combine the latest research and production knowledge with my creative work and the ART therapy that I manage after consulting at the textile faculty (now Technical University of Liberec).
Art design – hand-painted patterns painted on silk fabric, thanks to the digital image technology, can be linked to high-quality, eco-friendly materials along with the latest dye-fibre transfer method.
That is how the non-slip, soft mat with a feel of velvet and vibrant design colours was created.

I had the opportunity to explore the methods of colour layering and their blending with silk on my travels across Asia – Thailand, Bali Sumatra …
I gained insight into this technique of working with fabrics and paints during my stay with the Batak tribe at Lake Toba, in Bali I painted in a workshop between rice fields …

Creation is like breathing for me.
Since I was little, I have been friend with everything that can paint or can be painted on, I put together shades of colours, I feel them and their rhythms. My journey has brought me to a textile school, designing clothing, but also to the modern computer world of graphics and digital colour processing.
Silk painting fills me with a special excitement and pulls me from the real world into a place of fantasy, feelings and imagination, where time runs by different standards and it gives me the opportunity to play with lines and colours. I find pleasure in all activities and so I went through textile factory work, computer graphic design, an advertising agency, design and production for craft markets, installation of exhibitions.
All movement is also a great Mysterium to me. In it I feel joy and the flow of energy, it is my frequent inspiration, meditation …
I discover a way of experiencing that empowers our human body and forms it into a unique instrument and I teach myself and also those who attend my art and movement programs how to play it.
My path has also led me to study Art therapy.
Thanks to it, and especially when working with clients, I have become aware of other life values.
The joy of creation and beauty around us as well as its strength in everyday life.
Now I am very dedicated to Art therapy, I feel it is my mission and the experience from its effect on humans, and their feelings are mirrored in the designs designed for this project.”

Eva Mašínová has been devoted to creation for a long time and fragments from her world of art, movement and Art therapy can be found on the website www.tvorivyzivot.cz.


Business and operational matters and the day-to-day functioning of the business and the brand are taken care of by

Bc. Pavel Jezdinský, MBA.

“In our project I am more of a rebel and a sole practitioner.
A whole range of life experiences and wisdom has brought me these traits.
I fully respect the power of the present moment – in the moment of action and reaction, the forces here and now.
The fact that the sole thoughts about the events surrounding yoga bring to life the concentration and consciousness of the moment. That helps me to distinguish between the significant and the insignificant.
My wishes and ambitions are to make the presentation of our products and their sale simple for everyone, and to make the selection and purchase of the yoga mats a pleasant expectation of when your chosen yoga mat will be delivered.”