Yoga mats

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This production project originated from the love for creation and movement.

Yoga is a powerful tool to cultivate both body and spirit.  The yoga mat forms a connection between its user and Mother Earth, which gives us life-giving power.
Practising yoga on a yoga mat with harmonious and energetic patterns promotes the feelings of health and beauty, aesthetics, mystery, and energy harmony in the body.

Yoga mats have 5 types of design:



Mandala means circle or even magic circle, it is a symbol of unity, balance, and energy. The circle is one of the most universal and sacred symbols. Planets, just like many microscopic structures in the human body, have the shape of a circle. If this symbol materializes around the body, internal energy can be increased. Mandalas use the subtle energies of intentionally chosen colours, symmetry and asymmetries.



Patterns full of colours and lines processed by computer graphics are a category for unrestrained individuals.


The Universe

… to be part of an endless space, to travel in the Mysterium of being here and now… These feelings are offered by yoga mats with the design of the Universe. The nebula and its colours give a sense of energy of birth, new beginnings and intentions. The tranquil deep and mysterious infinity of space awakens a sense of sacred peace, flow and mystery.

Blue mandala


… these yoga mats cause a harmonic and energetic charge, and bring a feeling of relaxation and self-knowledge while doing yoga. These yoga mats have their own graphic value, however are not based on artistic design but are a selection of beautiful and freely available designs by some graphic designers who do not tie their designs to any single project and release their creations for a wide range of collections and brands all over the world.


Round mat

… the circle detaches us from the outside world and protects us, concentrating at its centre the magical power and strength that is connected with our concentration and it creates the protection against aggression and the attack of negative forces above the circle.  With these exceptional yoga mats we present the power of the original mandalas art design and we bring them to you in travel versions, i.e. with light weight 1.5 mm rubber foundation and a comfortable diameter of 140 cm.

Yoga mat bag


… we also offer yoga mat accessories – carrying bags, although each Yoga Feel Energy yoga mat is equipped with a practical carrying strap.